Latest News:
- Please note that not much news will be posted on the Mario Builder Fansite for the next 2 weeks as our brilliant Forums are going to be in a big update. Its starts on the 24th April to the 6th May, check out more information about the update on the Mario Builder Forums.
- V10.7 is now available for Download
- Poll #6: "Would you like the opportunity to  upload your own Mario Builder created Games onto the Fansite?" is now Closed!!

Mario Builder Fansite

Hello and Welcome all Mario Builder Fans. This is the official Mario Builder Fansite. So if some else say's that their Fansite is official, its not. (Unless its a site by Ting_Thing!)

At this site you can catch up on Mario Builder Activity. Also available:
- Polls
- Updates
- Interviews with Ting_Thing!
- And lots more...

We hope you enjoy your stay here at the Mario Builder Offical Fansite. Thank you! 
--Mario Builder Fansite Team--

Mario Builder Poll #6

Poll Closed!
Yes: 137
No: 2
Maybe: 11
Total Votes: 150