Mario Builder V10.7

Mario Builders is an advanced and simple Mario Creating Application. Make your own Mario game with Overworld, Course and Title Screen Editiors. Fast and easy to use, you can create your own Mario Builder game in 10 minutes. Share your games with your friends and play them for fun. Thin_Thing made Mario Builder for people to make games with excitment and fun, and as Mario Builder gets updated Monthly, the fun will never stop with the the new enemies, objects and features that gets added. Check out the Updates and Download pages to find out even more great information on Mario Builder.

Latest Update:

Version 10-7

   -Fixed some joystick problems with Alju5's help
   -Changed how the new exe file method works. You have have to download a separate program. There were too many problems in Version 10-6 with game names getting changed unaware to the user. Download the player here.

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GameJolt: (V10.7) Link: