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Hello and Welcome to the Official Fansite/Website of MB (Mario Builder). If you would like to take a moment and read that would be great, but if you would rather just skip this then go to Home.

Download at: GameJolt

Hello Member's of the NCFC (Nintendo Community Fangame Convention). Think of this as being your personal greeting. I'm going to tell you more about MB and its meaning. MB (Mario Builder (Not the character from Metroid Other M)) is a program made with Game Maker 7.0 (and 8.0) that allows you to make your own Super Mario Bros. game in around 10 simple minutes. You can have fun for hours with MB and once you started to make games with it, you can't stop! (Trust me, I know!) MB's Editors are in different stages...

1. Overworld Editor: Like in Super Mario Bros. 3 and in Super Mario World, MB allows you to make a fully compatible overworld with character selection (Mario/Luigi), background (Grass/Desert/Snow or Mud) and a whole selection of Music (if you don't like the music in the selection... Upload your own MP3's).

2. Course Editor: You can make many courses for your Mario (or Luigi) game. There is a GREAT BIG selection of backgrounds to chose (Note: Water background make the course water themed) and a BIG selection of music as well. You can also change the Weather, Time and how your course moves. MB's course editor includes many enemies and even bosses and special blocks. This will make your game great.

3. Title Screen Editor: When publishing a game, an important part is to make the game look as interesting as you can from the title screen. The title screen aloes you to add a title, sub-title, an author note and a selection. The title screen works like the course editor, you add in whatever you want!

Finally, show people what you have made. Publish your game, and send it to friends or family. With MB the possability to make a Mario game is endless, the only thing that can limit you is your imagination (and maybe a few bugs, which
are always getting fixed)! And the selection of stuff about is just a few things that MB can offer, to see everything MB has to offer, there's only one thing you can do...

Thank you so much for reading this! Now download MB and have the greatest time of your life!
Download at: GameJolt

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